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Family Breakdown at Christmas Time


Expectations are typically high in the lead up to Christmas.  We tend to expect this time of year to be happy, and full of love, and a joyous time with family.  The festive period however can provide challenges for married couples, sometimes ending in a family breakdown.

Three common factors often cited as the reason for a spike in family breakdowns over the Christmas period:

 1.    Financial Strain

Christmas is an expensive time.  Financial strain is one of the leading causes of divorce, as struggling to make ends meet can impact personal relationships and put a great deal of stress on marriages.

2.    Unusual Amount of Time Together

Spending time together over Christmas is often relished over the festive period, but for some couples spending an extended period of time together can increase tension. The presence of extended family may increase the need for everything to go smoothly, which can increase the stress of the situation, which can in turn increase any tension or animosity between couples.

3.    January Blues

The spike in separations early in the new year could also be down to couples holding out for as long as possible before finally opting to separate. Sometimes couples choose to “just get through” Christmas for the sake of family harmony before going their separate ways.

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